I have a new website! :)
Check it out check it out!! 

Allez jetez un oeil à mon nouveau site internet! :)
Par ici, par ici:  

...She has something angelic...

A logo design for a gozlem shop at the Freo Market. Very happy to work for such a passionate and beautiful hearted person! 
"soft, healthy, fresh, green" were the words defining the logo... :)
I've tried to include the middle eastern style in it. Very interesting project. 

The different designs that came up before the final: 

.Some business card and website logos for my amazing midwife. 


La petite nouvelle :) 
For the children book project we have with my friend Micha 

I might take part in the Musica Viva program as an artist in Residence next year.. Here is a doodle about it.. Could be a very, very inspiring experience!! ^^ 

And some previous work for them :) 

Not much time to create for this competition, too much work! But at least here is one design! :)

I'm gonna take part in this competition! The topic is so inspiring!! Some designs soon! 


The Riverbank

After a break on this project (because life always takes you in unexpected, beautiful and crazy paths), i'm back! An other illustration for the children's book written by my great friend Micha. 

To know a bit more about the whole project, you can have a look in there:
(work on the blog in progress)
Some of the researches i'm doing for this new wall stickers project... Beach theme!